Wife Of Creation

Wife of Creation is rooted in the creation, cultivation, and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. All of our products are natural, organic, non-genetically modified, and vegan – aimed at easing your transition into a new, uplifting lifestyle!


Essential Body Oil Candles

Our 10-oz Essential Body Oil Candle is a custom
blended holistic elixir designed for stimulating 
intense relaxation.

Light the Wife of Creation essential body oil candle just before you shower and savor the calming scent as you cleanse your body.

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Create Your Reality

Our mind is central to every healing process – our thoughts, our feelings, and how we perceive both our inner and outer worlds. By purifying our minds – whether letting go of past experiences or releasing ourselves to achieve new blessings – it all begins, and ends, with our mind. 

Wife of Creation’s mental-health focused products will aid in achieving clarity of thought, acceptance of things as they are, and harvesting a deeper understanding of one’s true self. 

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Build a Better You

The simplest way to feel better is to cleanse the palette of our diet. By working with our renowned nutritionists, dieticians, and herbalists, Wife of Creation has 

created a daily diet & supplement regiment, built for easy integration – no matter how far you are into your healing journey. 

Meanwhile, our skincare and haircare products are made from all natural & organic ingredients, serving to be both eco-friendly, and offering up a pleasant & enjoyable user experience. 

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Spiritual Enhancement

How do we attain oneness with the seat of consciousness, with essence of life? Along with adequate care of the mind & body, nourishment of one’s soul is essential – after all, it is our everlasting entry into the universe. 

Wife of Creation’s custom products dedicated to spiritual enhancement are rooted in ancient and esoteric teachings and designed to provide a gateway to divine upliftment. 

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