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Your Body is Your Temple. It is the physical manifestation of the projection of your Soul on the physical plane. and if you think of it that way, your body expresses the ideas and state of consciousness of the soul embodied in it. The Body is transformed by the renewing of the mind. Your Mind By affirmation lays hold of your words and builds them into your mind AND Body. Therefore you must Be mindful of what you say about yourself and your appearance. Your Body is A temple and is just as an essential a part of you as your Soul or Spirit.

Since Mind Body spirit are three parts of a whole its important you are aware that it is the interconnectedness of the mind body spirit and soul that leads a healthy Lifestyle. Holistic living is defined as the culmination Of the Mind Body Soul and Spirit. Make no mistake there’s no coincidence in the roots of words like HOLY, wholesome, and Holistic

The interconnectedness of a sound mind body spirit and soul is health, and is the only way to fully sustain, achieve and live a healthy life.

Your physical body is your house your temple, the foundation of which your values stand on. Society has Us tempted on a daily basis with food and other substances that are not conducive to our health, our four bodies physical, emotional mental energetic bodies. nor are those foods and. Substances good for our overall well being. Often Most of the food we consume on a daily basis is genetically modified, which means it was created chemically in a lab and not grown organically from a seed in the earth. This page focuses on your body its functionality many practices, Recipes as well as other additional tools and tips we feel you’ll find useful on your journey.


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