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Enroll Mindful Boxing


Align your mind-body by generating movement, strength and stillness so you can feel energized and recharged. This 3-Week training program is centered around the holistic connection between boxing, yoga and meditation. Each week will spotlight one of these disciplines and its role in keeping you well-balanced.


Schedule of Training:

Week 1

Is all about boxing. Here you will learn:
– The fundamentals of boxing
– The 3 key principles of self-defense
– How to create healthy habit patterns
– Body language muscle memory


Week 2

We’ll begin to combine what you learned the previous week by combining boxing with yoga practice. This style of yoga we implement is called “yin yoga”. Yin Yoga is a slower practice where poses are held for longer; allowing your body to work on the deep connective tissues and joints in your body. This week will focus on:
– Breathing and movement exercises
– Poses that will help elongate the spine, build core strength, and improve allaround posture
– Fascia body work
– Releasing tension and stiffness


Week 3

We highlight mindfulness and meditation. Key concepts covered will be:
– Breath and manta/vibration work
– Still meditation
– Being present in the current moment

Enroll Mindful Boxing