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  /  Mission


Our foundation is built on the 8th principle of natural law, this principle binds and encapsulates all other principles of natural law, this law is care. Wife of Creation is a heart centered initiative that was birthed through pain turning trauma to triumph. A true living testimony of alchemy, turning darkness into light and extending that light, knowledge, and information to those seeking it. I care deeply for our community the state of the collective consciousness. I remember feeling isolated and alone in the beginning of my awakening. I wasn’t sure where our how to begin healing so I went with my spirit. The more I honored my own feelings and intuition the more everything became abundantly clear. I envision Wife of Creation as a conscious community for people trying to find themselves, Future healers, teachers, that are bound by limiting beliefs and lack of information; providing them with tools to learn and evolve as well as connect, cultivate and create a new healthier and happier Lifestyle.