Wife of creation serves as a resource of healing for anyone seeking mental physical and spiritual refuge. A wellness matienence lifestyle that highlights our innate divine energy...

The Wife of creation Network is an extension of my own personal healing journey.

It is a collective of professionals I’ve worked with all versed in the areas of Mind, Body and Spirit offering their services to you, and for you. 

I realize my role as a bridge and resource for those like me seeking a community, seeking knowledge, and truth without judgement to learn to grow and most importantly to heal.



 The Network 


Tracy Piper.

Tracy Piper - Internal Fitness Practitioner. 


Tracy Piper, hails from the Virgin Islands where she grew up on both the USVI and BVI waters. This is where she began her love and knowledge of herbs and natural medicine from the elders in her neighborhood.  Tracy attended the University of the Virgin Islands where she holds a B.A. degree in Biology,  Tracy then ventured to New York where she acquired her B.S. in Massage Therapy, a Masters Degree in  Oriental Medicine for Acupunture and Herbology and many certifications ranging from Western and Eastern Nutrition. Tracy has formal training in Physical Therapy, Iridology and of course what she is well known around the world for, as Colon Therapist to the Stars. Tracy incorporates advanced techniques  from her other disciplines with her colonics. She has developed AcuColonic, LymphColonic, AcuLymphColonic and Emotional Release Colonic. She has studied Live Blood Analysis to add to her repertoire of knowledge. Tracy is a long time resident of New York but hails from St. Thomas, USVI and Tortola BVI. Tracy is the proud author of The Piper Protocol which has helped thousands of people all over the world with her natural health information and recipes. It is Tracy’s  mission to educate and empower people on Internal Fitness.
In 2016, Tracy opened The Piper Retreat Home in upstate NY. To enable her clients to not only get the physical benefits from the weekend but also indulge in the mental aspect, she  has a door to door services so stress is alleviated from the beginning. The retreat engages in several types of detoxification modalities, a living food menu and a day trip off grounds.
In 2021 because of COVID, Tracy is more bicoastal between New York and Los Angeles. Same quality, two places







Delena Zimmerman - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Delena Zimmerman is a trauma recovery coach, a motivational speaker, an author, and a licensed marriage and family therapist.  She is also a television personality, best known for her psychotherapy cameos on VH1s Basketball Wives of LA.
As a motivational speaker Delena brings more than 20 years of experience and tools engaging audiences locally, nationally, and internationally in the substance abuse recovery community, where she inspires healing and transformation through a no non-sense approach to real life experiences. She builds trust with audiences through transparency urging them that they can too walk in their own recoveries and authenticity.
As a trauma recovery coach, Delena establishes a relationship with the wholeness of individuals and it has become her life’s purpose to synthesize real life adversity, psychoeducation, and spiritual principles to change the minds and lives of those that look for inspiration, direction, and an answer they have not yet been able to find on their own.
Her humanistic approach to transformation underscores that everyone whether in a church, their career organization, family, or in romantic relationships, require safety first to build on the pyramid of self-actualization. Delena provides culturally compentent individual, couple, and group trauma recovery services nationally.



Building a strong community.