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Self Discovery

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Who Am I?

Is usually one of the first questions we being to ask ourselves in the early stages of our awakening. Self-discovery – is defined as the process of Acquiring insight into one’s own character. It is the act or process of understanding your abilities, character and feelings. Knowing who we allow us to establish deeper and more meaningful connections to other people and most importantly to ourselves. Discovering one’s self is a fundamental component of personal growth.

Since we are all individual parts of a collective, and we each carry our very own unique energy signature. There is no one specific way to discover one’s self. Just as no one same person can put the pieces to the very same puzzle together in the exact same way, Everyone’s journey on their path to growth and self-actualization is personal and unique to their own needing.

Needless to say, there are a variety of tools and pointers that collectively will help you not only discover more aspects of yourself. In addition, also assist you in unlocking some of the Subconscious patterns or broken cycles you maybe be recreating and repeating in your life. In order to truly Heal ourselves, we must shed our limiting beliefs, societal frame works fears and the false labels we accumulated over the years, that we think to define who we truly are. We must do this work, This work is called shadow work. All of the things hidden deep inside of you.


While your Life Path Number is derived from your Date of Birth, and is considered one of the most important numbers within our Numerology Chart, our Full Birth Name also greatly influences the makeup of our overall chart.


Significance of Numbers: A Guide to Repeating Number Sequences and their Messages and Meanings. by Joanne Walmsley


Because you are a multi- dimensional being it is important to know that you carry certain characteristics, qualities, traits based on the placements of the planets, the sun and the moon in the sky on the day you were born. In order to gain more clarity or insight on all the many aspects of you take a look into your birth chart. More Closely Look at your Chiron placement and what house it falls in. Chiron is Known As the wounded healer, where you’re your Chiron falls in your birth charts displays where your healing is needed. Where Chiron falls in your birth chart mirrors where your souls evolution and growth through painful experiences lie.

The Power path: What you consume on a daily is what you become

Lunar Calendar: Speaking Cosmically

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