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The Soul Governs the Emotional body -The emotional body is the bridge between the physical body and the mental body. It represents our feelings and relationship to all things. It includes the nervous system, hormones, touch, water release, and water absorption.

Spirit, Soul and Body constitute as all of You.

Your Spirit is the I AM, the same in character as Divine Mind or God, The Body is the Form of expression of both your spirit and soul.

The soul is the union of the pre-existing, the God made spirit and a temporal body which is formed by physical conception.

the Soul is Metaphysically defined as a state of consciousness set forth to carry out the ideals of God (Spirit) and wisdom.

Spirit, Soul and Body Constitute all of man. Soul is Mans Consciousness that which we have apprehended or developed out of Spirit.

Your soul results in the redemption or spiritualization of your body. The ether, the astral, and the Soul are virtually one. It is believed that in this realm of the Soul that ideas first take form.

The soul is the immaterial aspect or essence of a human being, that which confers individuality and humanity. Your soul is ultimately a reflection of the work you’ve put in to develop your mind body and spirit.

We’ve Created a Playlist of Masters, Teachers, Healers, Motivational speakers, and Authors, all speaking and offering various schools of thought along with the many aspects and stages in the development of the Mind, Body,Spirit and how they contribute to the soul and very essence of every being.


What is your soul?

Alan Watts

Deepak Chopra

Soul can be realized in total silence and aliveness

Acharya Shree Yogeesh

What is Your Why?

A lot of people that are awakening to who they truly are begin to ask questions like why am I here? and what is my purpose?. What is your Why?. Listen to Simone Sinek introduce an exercise to utilize with close friends, a quick way to find your why.


The Ego, is betraying you from being your authentic self

Recreating the self


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