Spirit is I AM, the Divine Mind or God – The creator, The God within you. Your Spirit is God ( or whom you presume to be the higher power) as the moving force in the universe Principled as the breath of life in all creation. Spirit is the principle of life, creative intelligence and life itself. Spirit is the Development in man of a greater capacity to know himself and to understand the purpose of Creation. Spirit is wholeness, the faint whispering of you. your Spirit Can be described as a flow of Thought that has been evolved independently of your reasoning process. a part of you, that you may be puzzled about its origin, and question whether not you should trust it. It can be explained as knowledge but knowing. Leaning on your inner standing and intuition.

The Spirit Lies within the Energetic body – the energetic body refers to a complex wen of interactions of energy centers in the physical body corresponding to the chakras Medical doctors and Psychologists diagnose depression as a mental health disorder but the Etymology of the word depression comes from the Latin word Depremire which means to press down or depress, an oppressed spirit. This is evidence not every single case of depression comes from a mental dis order, but more so a Spiritual one. When we are not listening to our intuition, the signs, and or red flags we are not in alignment with our spirit.

Since Mind Body spirit are three parts of a whole its important you are aware that it is the interconnectedness of the mind body spirit and soul that leads a healthy Lifestyle.

The Reike Is a form of healing, but using energy, Numerology – divine or mystical relationship between a number or one or more coinciding events. Learn More 

Chakra System: The. Chakras are the key to physical health emotional stability and mental clarity. They act as conductors filtering energy metaphysically from the heavens and earth A vortex of moving energy that then stimulates endocrine organs that secrete hormones in your blood stream.

When all our chakras are in balance each one unites and creates a bright white energy field which then connects us to and activates our Merkaba, when our Merkaba is in perfect balance it creates the highest vibration of white light. Emotions impact our energy field. Each chakra feeds energy into the gland system of the body which then feed in to the physical organs the glands are the physical manifestation of the chakras.

Read more about the Merkaba here.

Merkaba Meditation:
Feng shui – your home windows and doors are your eye to the world from your home.
Sound Bowl:
Frequency: sounds

Energy points: Our energy points. energetic layers, and subtle bodies create an interconnected field of energy around the physical body. That Field is known as the auric field or aura.
Each subtle body connects into the physical body via an energy point or chakra which directs the energy into the physical body via the meridian system. The Aura acts as a bubble that encloses energy field protects the life force of you it is an encasement that enables energy to circulate though living systems.

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