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Breakthrough wearables that stop stress in its tracks.

TouchPoints are patented wearables that use gentle vibrations to reduce stress by over 70% in 30 seconds. Developed by neuropsychologists, TouchPoints deliver powerful stress relief without drugs or side effects. By using gentle alternating vibrations on both sides of the body, TouchPoints shift you from your “fight or flight” stress response to a peaceful, calm response, increasing feelings of calm and focus, improving sleep, and reducing anger and cravings. The devices are designed to be worn on your wrists, clipped to clothing, or held directly.

Industry-leading stress reduction through BLAST

TouchPoints’ patented BLAST (bi-lateral alternating stimulation tactile technology) is scientifically proven to alter the body’s “fight or flight” response caused by stress. The gentle vibrations disengage your default stress response which can impact your performance and health. This unique process of shifting from one brain area to another has been proven to create new behavior patterns that lessen your reaction to stress over time.

How TouchPoints Work


Stress engages our “fight or flight” response, impacting  our health, focus, sleep and performance.


TouchPoints, placed on both sides of the body, gently vibrate to activate your “calm” response.


In seconds, you gain control over your stress, thinking clearly and experiencing a sense of balance and calm.


This process creates lasting new behavior patterns, lessening the negative impacts of stress over time.

Where to Wear

There are lots of ways to wear your TouchPoints, as long as you place one on the right and one on the left side of your body.

Measurable Results


Research participants experienced a 74% reduction in their stress levels within 30 seconds of using TouchPoints


Clinical study shows TouchPoints helped participants fall asleep within 15 minutes and reduce wakefulness by 80%


Research shows TouchPoints improve focus and the ability to concentrate by 50%